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Greece said no. So what?

On July 5th, 2015 Greece chose to be an insolvent debtor and the italian morons sing the praises of the victory of Democracy. They exalt Tsipras, democratically elected, but they seem not be able to realize that also the creditor States are ruled by democratically elected persons.

They talk about Greece as the cradle of Democracy, but they have no idea of what the original greek Democracy was (it was the Democracy of the Rich).


Varoufakis earlier, and later Tsipras clearly explained how they intend to go on now: no exit from Euro, no paying the debt as it is and new requests for money to put the greek bank system in order. It goes without saying that the two of them live in Duckburg. I don’t think they will be further allowed to live the life of Riley with other people’s money.

Tsipras, with extreme arrogance, refused every proposal received by the EU (18 countries agreed on the offer made to Greece) and even if he cowardly dumped the responsibility of his fool decision on the shoulders of all the Greeks, now he is in the unsuitable position to make an offer to the EU that is ok for the other 18 countries (as Schulz said).

In the most probable circumstance (which I support) that Greece will be kicked from EU, the worst thing that can happen is that the loaned billions will be lost. Which is in Tsipras’ plan anyway.

Let’s say that Tsipras is in a win-win situation. “No” won the referendum, therefore he must not resign and keeps his position, and instigating the expulsion of Greece from EU he can lawfully raise his hands and say: “You threw me out, now say goodbye to your money”.

Meanwhile the rubles roll.