Comment on Mr Varoufakis’ Statement of July 14h, 2015

This morning Mr. Varoufakis published a post on his blog with his first considerations about the Statement made by the Eurogroup on July 13th.

I commented, but as he seems not to like my comments a lot, my comment hasn’t been approved up to now (that much for those who talk nonsense about democracy).


Following is my comment (your toughts would be appreciated).

Dear mr Varoufakis, first of all I’d like to underline that the Treaty of Versailles was conceived to cripple Germany in every aspect (territories, colonies, politics, economy, traffic, import and export, military, and so on). Greece has been crippled by it’s past governments.
You talk about “integration”, but how can you speak of integration when integration is meant as limitless support and extension of debts ad libitum?
You are right when you say that Syriza bears no responsibility for killing the European project: but Greece does, at least in the same amount of the other countries. Syriza inherited a time-bomb when it came to power, and Syriza can not be held responsible for the situation your country suffers in these days. Except for one thing: the childish behaviour during the negotiations in the past months.
I totally agree with you about the fact that a Political Union is preparatory and mandatory for every other step. But I fear that you would not accept the implications: a progressive and complete abrogation of national sovereignty in every single field and the creation of a single supra-national government elected by the totality of the Europeans, regardless of the single former sovereign state population.
At least, this is my dream of a European Union (as well as yours, I guess).

You call the Statement of the Eurosummit “Terms of Surrender”. This is a subtle way to condition the ideas of your readers, Mr Varoufakis. Very close to an induced response for the puplic opinion. The Statement simply says under which conditions you will get funds, nothing more. Hard conditions, I agree. But it is not the lender who should be blamed, when the debtor proved not reliable. Quod erat demonstrandum, your bluff during the negotiations exploded in your hands.

Caling on “humiliation” is another subtle way to draw sympathy to your situation. It’s understandable, but a very poor way of conducting yourself.
You talk about “decency and reason”. I ask you: “Is it more decent or reasonable not to fulfill the obligations one committed himself to (in 2012, for example)?”. It is a matter of position only, I think.

I have to credit you one thing, nevertheless: claiming that “you are next” and talking about a “coup” is a good idea to draw attention from other populists, in other countries.
If the EU Summit mines the cohesion of Europe, you are doing your part as well, proving that your interest lies only in your backyard.

You, Yanis Varoufakis, became an important icon for thousands of Europeans. You are now in the condition to shake what is wrong with Europe. People look at you as a leader, because you speak straight and do not show yourself accomodating.
But unfortunately you decide to waste your charisma in a personal crusade against the EU in general and Germany in particular.
Did someone tell you that WWII is over?
In any case, you have my respect for not being a weathercock like our local politicians (read: Italian).






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