Grexit Daily News – 05 July 2015

“… quando i greci capirano quello che hanno fatto oggi sarà troppo tardi.”

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grexit daily news

05 July 2015  — OXI wins, brace for impact

Congratulations Mr. Tsipras and Prof. Varoufakis. After leading unsuccessful negotiations for 6 months, missing every deadline, taking things to the wire (and then crossing it), creating a bank run, running a farcical referendum on a ludicrous question, backing yourselves into a corner, you have finally succeeded!

What have you succeeded to do? You have succeeded to make Grexit the baseline scenario for the future of Greece.

You have managed to validate the worse predictions for the end-game in this crisis. You have now made Grexit more likely than not. In the bad blood and mayhem that will follow, you also ensure that the country will leave the EU. You will have also cost everyone every last penny they had left in the rotten, insolvent Greek banking system.

And, lets not forget this, in the process of destroying the Economy, debasing the…

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